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The Gatsby Gala

The Gatsby Gala

The Gatsby Gala, Bar Crawls, Parties, & Events

Welcome to Blue Steel Promotions, Charleston’s leading host of The Gatsby Gala, bar crawls, pub tours, parties, events, and more. For over nine years, we’ve been specializing in bringing people together at unique events to share laughter, libations, and sometimes even a little bit of lovin’. We’re pretty sure there’s a lot more to life than having a really, really, ridiculously good time, but we don’t plan on finding out what that is.

Charleston Bar Crawls, Parties, and Events


Already have a large group looking to throw down somewhere new and exciting? We have a number of different options for you here including party buses, brewery tours, private events at a bar, and more. There are endless options in this great city of Charleston but if you’re looking for a change of scenery a day trip to Savannah or the Dirty Myrtle never hurt anyone right? We guarantee you’ll come back with some great stories, and hopefully all of your friends (just kidding, we’ll do a head count!).


So you’ve only lived in Charleston for a couple of months and still figuring out where to go and what to do? Are people still telling you “Bless Your Heart” and you thank them? No worries, 53 people move here every day so you’re not alone. We can throw a meetup event just for this reason so you can know the best spots in town, what areas to stay away from, and most importantly avoid that creepy person on Tinder who won’t stop sending you pictures of their cat.

Photos from past events



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