Tired of the same ole same ole? Sick of overpriced drinks? Planning a special celebration?? We have you covered with our customizable Private Bar Crawls!!


*If you’d like to just order bottle service without a custom VIP crawl, head over to our Charleston Bottle Service page



  1. Pick up to 5 bars/clubs from our list of partners (see below)
  2. Figure out a schedule that works best for your group and let us know roughly what time you’ll arrive at each stop
  3. We will coordinate with each stop to ENSURE they are prepared for your arrival, have room for you and your party during that timeframe, and set up EXCLUSIVE drink specials for your group
  4. We will send you a package with your custom route and schedule to help you keep track as the drinks begin to flow. Your package will also include our custom VIP wristbands so the staff can easily identify you
  5. Our rate for this service is $45/person (email us at to inquire about discounts for very large groups)


  1. Arrive at each stop during the time frame you’ve provided us (we can only guarantee entry/specials during the times we’ve set up)
  2. Enjoy VIP entry which means no line for you and your group during the arrival time you’ve provided
  3. Drink up!!! You and your group will have access to exclusive discounts. Depending on the venue, you’ll either receive a free bottle of champagne or discounted drinks such as $4 Bud Lights, $5 Bud Light Seltzers, $5 Tito’s and Jim Beam, and $4 select shots!!!!
  4. Drink responsibly! This is a celebration so PLEASE make sure you have safe transportation lined up or take an Uber after the festivities wind down

Having a hard time deciding which bars/clubs will fit your group the best or which order you should go to each? Reach out to us and fill out our questionnaire and we will customize a route for you.

*Custom routes is a premium service and entails an additional fee