Bachelorette Parties in Charleston SC

Charleston bachelorette parties have become quite common. If you’ve lived in Charleston for a while you know that it’s not uncommon to see 3 or 4 bachelorette parties every Friday and Saturday night downtown. The fact that Charleston is becoming more well known for this type of scene attracts even more bachelorette parties to the area, as it has become a ‘bachelorette party destination spot’ if you will.

Charleston will surely provide any bachelorette party with a good time with its beautiful beaches, historic downtown, and plenty of bars and clubs downtown. However, if you want to take your bachelorette party above and beyond and ensure yourself an amazing and unique time, reach out to us!

Blue Steel Promotions has nearly 30 years of experience throwing bar crawls, parties, and other events in the Charleston area. With a unique knowledge of Charleston and the ever-changing downtown scene, we can provide you with a bachelorette weekend that you will never forget (although some of it may be a bit hazy 😉).

Not only do we have a unique knowledge of the area to plan a kick-ass weekend for you, but we also have relationships with many of the bars and clubs downtown. If you book your bachelorette party through us you’ll get hooked up with VIP entry, discounted drinks, and even some swag and a custom video to remember your weekend.